For my blog The Funny side of Kindness, I asked readers to send in stories where an act of kindness led to a funny situation, especially amongst strangers.

Often we’re so rushed or distracted that we don’t take the time to interact with people or see opportunities for kindness.

My intention is to show how an act of kindness can have a domino effect of spreading happiness. These are just a few of those stories.

Name: Emma From: Ireland Living in: Amsterdam Emma says she moved here because she felt isolated...
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Name: Gabriella From: Spain Living in: Utrecht Gabriella moved here for better career opportunities....
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Name: Zoe From: Greece Living in: Den-Haag Zoe moved here for adventure and a change of scenery....
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Name: Abigail From: The U.S.A Living in: Rotterdam Abigail left Los Angeles for a work transfer...
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Name: Oluchi From: Nigeria Living in: Eindhoven This one is short but just as sweet. Oluchi says...
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Name: Natalie From: France Living in: Utrecht Natalie lived in Paris for 7 years before moving to...
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